• 500g-2kg ketchup sauces packaging machine
500g-2kg ketchup sauces packaging machine

500g-2kg ketchup sauces packaging machine

  • Model:GP-VF420
  • Type:Form Fill Seal
  • Packaging Type:Bags
  • Dimension:(L)1320mm*(W)950mm*(H)1360mm
  • Product description: 500g-2kg ketchup sauces packaging machine


500g-2kg ketchup sauces packaging machine


For Liquid & Semi-dense, such as Water, Juice, Milk, Purees, Sauces, Wax, Gels, Ointments


  • Stainless steel systems
  • Wide range of package styles include pillow bag, gusseted bag, block bottom bag or quad seal packs
  • With the ZVF series the production of 3 or 4 side-seal pack is available.
  • Up to 5 liter filling volume
  • Pumps for continuous or intermittent liquid feed to bagger
  • Rugged, durable equipment to withstand severe environment
  • Customized to meet your production, package style and economic requirements

 Optional Device

Filling nitrogen device, gusseted device, punching jaws, chain bags device, PE fillm device,venting device.


Technical Specifications

Type Model:GP-VF420
Bag length 80-300mm(L)
Bag width 50-200mm(W)
Max width of roll film 420mm
Packing speed 5-60bags/min
Measuring range 150-1200ml
Air consumption 0.65mpa
Gas consumption 0.3m³/min
Power voltage 220V
Power 2.2KW
Dimension (L)1320mm*(W)950mm*(H)1360mm
Deadweight of machine 600Kg

tomato sauce ketchup filling machine

Servo Drive System:
The GP series volumetric filling system utilizes the delicate servo drive system to control the main filling structure, achieving high stability and precise positioning.
Tool-Free Adjustment :
Adjustments can be made through the PLC, completely tools-free, giving users a fast and efficient result. The delicate servo control system design provides options for surface layer liquid filling, bottom layer liquid filling, and bottle neck (opening) filling accordingly with different types of liquids.
High Accuracy :
The delicate servo system controls the filling amount through precise piston strokes, providing high filling accuracy.
High Adaptability :
The Automatic Servo Filling Machine can be used in food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, and other industries.

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