• full automatic weighing bean sprouts packaging  V.F.F.S. Bagger Complete Systems
full automatic weighing bean sprouts packaging  V.F.F.S. Bagger Complete Systems

full automatic weighing bean sprouts packaging V.F.F.S. Bagger Complete Systems

  • GP-P460
  • Type:Form Fill Seal
  • Packaging Type:Bags
  • Dimension:L1830*W1369*H2671.5mm
  • Product description: full automatic weighing bean sprouts packaging V.F.F.S. Bagger Complete Systems


full automatic weighing bean sprouts packaging  V.F.F.S. Bagger Complete Systems


Food: Candy,Beans,Chips,Popcorn,Pasta,Corn,Rice cake,Jelly,Cookies,Cheese,Peanuts,Coffee Creamer,Almond,etc.
Daily necessities: Mothballs,Disposable Mask,Buttons,etc.
Hard&Ware: O ring,Screw,Dowel,etc.
Medical: Pill,Medicine,etc.



* Low input high gain, high speed and efficiency.

* International brand PLC control system, large touch screen, convenient to operate.

* Film drawing down system with servo motor and horizontal sealing controlled by cylinder, Minimize the loss with complete automatic warm protection function.

* High automatic, it can complete feeding , measuring, filling, sealing, date printing ,filling nitrogen, counting, transporting the finished products.

*Bag type: Pillow bag and gusseted bag


Optional Device

Filling nitrogen device, gusseted device, punching jaws, chain bags device, PE fillm device,venting device.


Technical Specifications

Speed 45-50 bags/min
Bag size (L)50-300mm (W)50-220mm
Bag type Pillow bag, (option:gusseted bag, punching bag)
Film width 460mm
Film thickness 0.04-0.9mm
Air consumption 0.5cmb/min 0.8MPa
Power 2.2KW/220V 50Hz
Dimension L1830*W1369*H2671.5mm
Weight 877kg


Linear Scale Weigher

Flexibility and versatility to weigh fine granulates and coarse powder products, range from 100G up to 5KG; Bulk model up to 50KG

The CJS2000 Series Linear Weigher have been continuously developed over many years with model from single to six heads. Now to be the most versatile and accurate linear weighers for different application.

CJS-2000 series linear weigher is easy operating and both applied in semi-automatic packaging line or full automatic packaging machinery.

Double channel feeding for each bucket bring high speed and high accuracy.

Various options are made available to meet specific requirements. Digital sensor enhance the speed, precision and anti-jamming capability.


Ideally suited for slice, roll or regular shape products: sugar, salt, seed, rice,sesame, glutamate, milk powder, coffee and seasoning powder, etc.


Principal Feature:

Adopt high precision digital load cell
Stable PLC system control
Color touch screen with Multilanguage control panel
Sanitation with 304# S/S construction
The parts contacted products can be easily mounted without tools
IP65 grade construction
Make mix different products weighing at one discharge
Adopt no-grade vibrating feeding system to make products flowing more fluently
Program can be freely adjusted according to production condition
Can be remote-controlled and maintained through internet

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